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Clown | Bingo The Balloon Clown - Milwaukee , WI

Bingo the Balloon Clown is an entertainer who likes to cause mischief as only a professional Clown can. Her fun filled antics are sure to have the children watching in fits of giggles, whilst her easy going demeanor with instantly put everyone at rest. With years of experience in the industry Ilene Smith knows how to work a crowd. Whether she is getting caught up and falling over, or squirting water out of a plastic flower, Bingo the Balloon Clown will bring a smile to every party goers face!

Whether Bingo the Balloon Clown is juggling, telling a joke or just causing Clown chaos you can be sure the children watching will love it!

Bingo the Balloon Clown also provides a top-quality face-painting service for that special occasion. She uses only top–quality, FDA-approved face paints, temporary tattoos, glitter, sponges, and brushes. Her array of colorful designs are sure to delight children. Each face takes about ten minutes to paint, although more complicated designs may take a little while longer.

Is your child fascinated by wildlife? Do they always want to see the latest superhero movie? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, let Bingo paint your child's face with the design of their choice. With hundreds of possibilities to choose from, your child and their friends will be enthralled. Years of experience as an entertainer has taught Bingo that there is nothing quite like seeing children happy and enjoying themselves as they watch their friends being made up.

Make your loved one's big day a little more special by booking Bingo the Balloon Clown. Call (414) 406-9405 to discuss her face-painting service. She also offers a range of other services at very competitive rates.