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About Us | Bingo The Balloon Clown - Milwaukee , WI

Ilene Smith has been working as a magician and kids' entertainer for years. As one of the few women in an industry dominated by men, Ilene Smith's fun-loving and unique approach to magic has won her a number of awards across the country. She has been inducted into the Midwest Clown Hall of Fame and won a Lifetime Achievement award in 2012. She has also been presented as an Award Winning Clown for COAI and is a Master Balloon Winner for the WCA.

Ilene Smith can develop a show according to your requirements. She is an expert in close-up, stand-up, and stage magic and is available at a a variety of events. Of course, as Bingo the Balloon Clown she performs an extraordinary show aimed at children and those young at heart.

While there are plenty of entertainment options available when it comes to children’s parties and events, it can be hard to avoid the assembly line feel that many providers bring with them after having been in this business for too long. Not so with Ilene Smith. She offers a personalized service and genuinely cares if your child or group of kids are having a good time. Parents and children alike can testify to her good natured and affable demeanor, which truly sets her apart from the majority of entertainers in Milwaukee and beyond.

To find out more about Ilene Smith, her services, and how she can transform that special occasion, please call (414) 406-9405. She will be happy to discuss her range of services.